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Frequently Asked Questions (PAYROLL AND HR MODULES)

No. The Wagemaster license is a lifetime purchase and does not require you to renew.

Wagemaster is developed to grow with your organization. All you need to do if your current employees exceed that of your license is to upgrade to the next package or alternatively by the unlimited package.

Yes, we offer virtual support or in-person support where our team representative will visit your premises to offer support.

You can test out of our software for free with our demo license. Simply download the setup and run it.

Sure, you simply export your data and use it at home or store it safely as a backup.

Wagemaster is charged at one license per organization. It can be installed and activated on all the desktops and PCs that it’s required to run on. Besides, Wagemaster is can be set up to be accessible over your organization’s network.

Wagemaster provides a series of tax reports which include these and more:

  • PAYE Reports
  • P10 certificate
  • P9A Certificate
  • Annual PAYE
  • P9A Benefits
  • NSSF Reports
  • NHIF Reports
  • HELB reports etc

Frequently Asked Questions (TIME ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE)

Yes, if it is made by ZKTeco or RF Security. We are adding more makes all the time.

Yes, Wagemaster Attendance will post hours per month, week or other specified period automatically to Wagemaster payroll and automatically calculate hours or days-based earnings.

Yes, you can export summarized hours data in Excel format for easy import into most payroll software

There is no limit to how many employees that can be accommodated

Yes, Wagemaster Attendance has user friendly timetables and shift rotations customization options that allow for night shifts, flexible shifts, 24 hours shifts, day-night rotations etc.

Yes, you can have up to 255 devices connected and downloaded to Wagemaster Attendance

Yes, Wagemaster Attendance can be used with remotely connected branches as long as they have ddns or static IP addresses. We can help set this up. Wagemaster Payroll will also produce payroll by branch.


A flexible, scalable, and customizable pricing model that takes care of your growth with your business without burdening you with constant renewal reminders.


  • Permanent & Casual employees payroll
  • Bank transfers and Payslip emailing
  • Approved returns for PAYE,NSSF and NHIF
  • Paperless leave and recruitment
  • Multiuser with custom user permissions
  • Single company license no annual charge
  • Price


  • Ksh 17,400/=


  • Ksh 29,000/=


  • Ksh 40,600/=


  • Ksh 52,200/=


  • Ksh 63,800/=


  • Ksh 81,200/=


  • Ksh 99,992/=

Organizations like yours
are already enjoying Wagemaster Payroll

If you are looking for efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, full-featured payroll software, and easy-to-use payroll software for your business, then it’s time to join the thousands of organizations already benefiting from using Wagemaster to streamline their payroll processing.

Wagemaster helps you:

  • Save time as computations are automated
  • Avoid human error with accurate computations
  • Better understand your employees as all the information you need is readily available etc.
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