Don't be stressed out with PAYE calculations, here's the best PAYE calculator Kenya

Use this PAYE Calculator Kenya to seamlessly compute your PAYE, NSSF and NHIF for specified earnings and deductibles. Common terms are explained below.

Year :
Month :
Gross Pay
Car Benefit
NSSF Calculation
Other Non-Cash Benefits
Housed By Company
Agricultural Employee
Market Value of House
Pension Contribution
Mortgage Interest
Home Ownership Deposit
Life Policy Premium
Disability Exemption Certificate

Common terms in PAYE calculations

Gross pay is all the cash earnings including all taxable allowances

Car benefit is the taxable value of car given to employee bu company calculated at 2% of the car value

Other benefits are the sum of all taxable benefits other than car benefit

Housed by the company indicates that the company is either providing accommodation or paying for a house on behalf of the employee. The taxable value of housing depends on whether or not the employer is in the agricultural sector

This is the rental value of the provided house if employee is housed

This allows you to select the NSSF contribution to calculate. The 3 types of NSSF contribution are

1. Old rates – Maximum 200/=

2. Tier 1 only – Maximum 360/=

3. Tier 1 and 2 – Maximum 1080/=

This is pension contributed by the employee

This is the interest paid on a mortage up to a maximum of 25000/=

This is the monthly deposit made to a registered home ownership savings plan (HOSP)

It is not applicable after 2020

This is the premium paid by an employee to an education, medical or life insurance premium.

Up to 15% of the premium can be claimed against PAYE

This allows you to claim disability exemption up to 150,000/= of calculated PAYE

This PAYE Calculator Kenya by Wagemaster offers the most accurate calculations which are in agreement with those used by the agencies mentioned above. Try it today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wagemaster Payroll & HR Software

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Wagemaster provides a series of tax reports which include these and more:

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